This website is all about giving you the tools to decode the English Bible.  Help you develop your own personal toolbox that enables you to decide for yourself, what the original authors meant to convey.  Remember the English language as we know and understand it, is only about 500 years old.  English words were created to write the English Bible.  Not the first attempt at creating this new language.  It first began in the mid 1330s  AD writing English law.  Law is nothing more than ink adhering to the paper, so there is no discussion about what the author intended.

The great vowel shift changed the way sounds were made in the mouth dramatically changing the outcome.  There were no dictionaries for the Latin writing, French speaking wealthy educated persons, who wrote the Bible to follow.  The mass of people attending church could neither read nor write and did not comprehend this new language, therefore depended upon the leaders to tell them what the words meant.

Decoding the English Bible develops  the sweet taste of honey in the mouth, written about in Revelation “disclosure” chapters nine and ten.  In the process of discovering the “disclosure” is revealed. digests out all of the bitters in the belly, gender, sin, shame, blame, death, hell, condemnation, damnation, etc.  The English Bible humanized the stories that were never about humanity and created a tower of Babel “confusion of languages”.

There is a suggested order of study, which builds the tools for your personal toolbox.  The website is also full of all kinds of documents, videos, power point, etc. to assist you in your quest.

In order to taste that honey, requires entering a different doorway.  Our beautiful minds are designed to remember the pathway.  It can also create a new pathway.  If we start down the road with the English words in the Bible we cannot create a new doorway.  Put your Bible on the back burner.  Begin to work with the word meanings  that fit what has been determined as the correct meaning.  An incredible work done by a Methodist theologian James Strong.  Who developed the James Strongs Exhaustive Concordance, used worldwide as the authority for Bible study.

25 years of intimate study using the JSEC has developed a different format.  Not new information, just a different way  that allows us to see the entire word structure of any numbered word in the Bible.  No more taking endless notes that more often than not, ended in frustration.  All documents, videos use this new format tool as the foundation.

There are some big brush strokes that  change thousands of scriptures at a time.  You will learn many other techniques of discovering for yourself that honey taste.


This Website was Created to Encourage Questions and
Provide a Resource for You To Find  Answers Quickly and Easily

Hear and see the literal word meanings of the original authors vocabularies. Their word meanings written from 1845BC into the ADs do not match or align with the Biblical stories.  Authors of the English Bible, may not have intended to humanize the ancient scripts; but that is what has happened over time.

The basis for this research is based exclusively on the two books used by Christian Universities, colleges, theologians, biblical historians as well as pastors, prophets, prophetesses, and the laity.  Those 2 books are married to each other, the King James Bible and the James Strong”s Exhaustive Concordance.  I used no other source, nor sought any other source for the word meanings, except my own 80 plus years of personal experience with the beliefs of Christianity.

The website is chocked full of tables, stories, etc all based on a new format of the dictionaries of the James Strongs Exhaustive Concordance.  This new format allows everyone to form their own opinion as to what the various authors intended to convey.  It really is a very little book.

I am happy to have found the  earth based belief that predates not only the 500 year old religious language of English; but also the 2000 year old Christina religion as it is couched today; the living beauty, grace and love of the earth, sun, moon and stars is still unexplainable. Humans with all their knowledge and technologies, wonderful as they are, still cannot explain how a 400 ft tall Sequoia or any other tree can transport water to its very tallest extent.  We cannot explain how ancient stone buildings were constructed without benefit of tools we commonly use today.  Perhaps without a way to measure and weigh stones, there was no concept of difficulty or impossibility.  Any stone cutter today will tell you how a stone has its own fracture lines, its own weak and strong lines.  Yet our ancestors had no problem perfectly squaring stones weighing several tons and aligning them with the sun, moon and soltices.

Decoding the Bible allows us a view of the original authors intentions. The Database show us how the interpreters used the original word meanings…..rarely was that a literal meaning. Possibly 13,000 different words meanings are hidden within more than 800,000+ English words of the Bible.  Probably much fewer than that because the bulk of NT words come directly from the OT.  This is easily seen in both Databases.

You will learn how to make big broad brush strokes across scripture.  Each stroke of the brush reduces the size of the Bible and reveals more and more of the sweet like honey on the tongue little book of Revelation 9 and 10.  The bitters in the belly are digested with each stroke of the brush and the true beauty of the creation that surrounds us comes shining through.

SEARCH FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE; where the original authors sit..recover their voices.  You can decide for yourself how those stories speak to you.

  • search with approximately 13,000 numbered literal words vs the 860,000 +/-English Bible words
  • literal word meanings enable us to then move into the FIGURATIVE, ALLEGORICAL, HYPOTHETHICAL, METAPHYSICAL, METAPHORIC Bible stories.
    • Literal human based Bible stories were  created from Greek mythology and astrological figures.
    • The Greek stories came from the Hebrew under Ptlomey II about 250BC.
    • Priest Eleazar produced 72 skins that fit together perfectly.  Ptlomey II desired for the population who spoke Greek not the Jewish language to be able to read the Jewish texts in Greek.
    • Greek stories are rooted in the symbolic religious language Hebrew.
  • English took symbolic languages  and put  them into literal personages
    • creating gender that leads to misunderstandings
  • DATABASES provide an easy, highly visible pathway to the LITERAL MEANINGS, connecting the NT with the OT
    • SEARCH
      • using JSE#
      • or a word
      • or a word type
      • or a word function N/M/F
    • SEE in one place
      • NEW TEST.words connected to OLD TEST. Words
      • Entire word structure, i.e. RECIPE
    • UNDERSTAND individual word meanings
    • APPLY THE MEANINGS AND THEN ERASE EVERYTHING ELSE or at least set it on the back burner of the mind.

CAUTION   Strongholds of the minds’ long held and cherished beliefs are not easily changed. Thus this website provides a wide range of additional educational tools to help facilitate understanding this unique language. See About introduction for more about this UNIQUE LANGUAGE, hidden behind English.


Everything on this website is free.  Freely I was given and freely I pass it on.

Color coding is vital because when we simply use black and white we lose the differentiation between the English Bible Words and the word functions of the symbolic languages.  If used then, green indicates the Bible word/words.

The following types of help are built into the website. They are major keys to understanding the unique language. Uniquely formed by blending 66 documents, written by different authors in different time frames and different places on the planet; thousands of years ago.  Not to mention the other books originally in the Bible but removed in later 1100+ English versions of the same book the Bible.

English, Aramaic and Greek, are just three of many modern languages  developed out of the Germanic language group.  The original language was Arayan, which developed alongside Sanskrit in the same region that today we call Southern Russian.  Anglo Saxons were Germans that came to what is today we call England.

Difficulty is we are using English words. At the same time, must learn to set aside our English thinking of how language functions. Forget about the stumbling blocks of gender, sentences, capital letters, punctuation marks of any kind.  Learn what and how to remove that which did not exist in the original text.

  1. COLORED CODED visual aids are reminders of word functions
  2. All documents, slide shows and graphics based upon the Strong Bridge Dictionary DATABASE also have TRANSLITERATIONS identified with green.   Green not used n the DATABASE itself.
  3. MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF GRAPHICS created from the DATABASE help us to understand and visually see LITERAL WORD MEANINGS (this is but one example)
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE ICE SERIES vclip #1 is about ICE .  Bible uses Korah in the Old Testament and Core in the New Testament for the original meaning “ice”  and uses Laban.for original meaning of “white”.  Then infers through teachers that the white ice that reigned supreme were humans beings with white faces.
  • I don’t know about you but I am not aware of any white skinned people, except albinos.  The one that comes to mind is an African football (soccer) team.  Their skin is white; but their ethnicity is what today we call black.
    • Black and white, light and dark have no substance/no matter and therefore cannot be weighed on a scale of right and wrong.
    • With no judgement there are no consequences, no cost, no penalty.


The Databases are not released yet, due to some difficulty in finding the right person to create a fully searchable and functional design.  Nonetheless this does not stop the progress of discovering the honey like after taste by using what is contained in the Databases..

INDIVIDUAL LITERAL WORD MEANING DICTIONARIES of the idividual 27 books of the New Testament  are available.  The majority of New Testament words are linked to the Old Testament; however spelling is often different.  The database shows those links; while the dictionary give you the word meanings, it does give you all of the JSE#s.  This is sufficient to begin at the beginning.

Strongly suggest you begin with the Self Study E books in this order, James/Jacob, (swollen heel/heel), 1,2,3 John/Joanna (existent bend/existent bend), 1,2 Peter(rock/mass of rock)  These three little books will give you a strong foundation and reveal many tools for decoding the English Bible.  Then go on to Matthew (existent present=gift), Luke (illumination), and finally Revelation (disclosure)

These dictionaries provide a list of LITERAL WORD MEANINGS that the original authors used. Any word meaning not correlating with those dictionaries could not have been used by the original author . Those authors did not write in literal English terms.  Apples do not grow on grape vines…so meanings with a common root will be on the same word tree.  The Bible, however, uses many different words and phrases, that have no synonymous meaning to each other in English, let alone line up with the original language.

This has caused great confusion as humans began to learn the new language called English, created specifically to write English law by French speaking, Latin writing wealthy land owners in the mid 1300sAD.  200 years later 1539AD, the English Bible required to be used in every English church was published; during a time when the masses could neither read nor write any language, let alone English.  They depended upon the church to tell them what the words meant.

At least there is now a jumping off place to the figurative, allegorical, hypothetical, mythical stories of the Bible.  Literal Biblical interpretations created distortions, by humanizing that which was never human.

A major task is to remove all English words/phrases that were added for grammar purposes; leading the reader in the desired direction. Remember that the original word meanings  may not be in the order of the original author; but rearranged to fit English grammar principles.  There are many many resources on the web and even phone apps with the Bible and concordance available for anyone to see which English words were added for grammar purposes.

If we use only the word meanings with numbers assigned, we have a baseline to begin to decode the English Bible for ourselves.If you put your Bible on the back burner and just work with the word meanings, a lot of confusion will be avoided.  Building your own personal toolbox of tools to find that sweet honey taste is the priority in building a new neural pathway.

Please do not take my word, discover for yourself.

Sometimes absence is louder than presence.  An open mind and heart will facilitate understanding of what is being offered here.  If we enter through the same old doorway, our beautiful minds will take us right down that memory lane.  That is its’ job, to remembered the old pathway.  If we open a new doorway in our mind a different picture emerges.

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